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Have you ever had the experience of unexpectedly coming across just the right message at the right time in way that you knew was more than coincidence? #ChalkTheWorld is about creating these moments for people in our community. It's a fun world-wide initiative to spread words of encouragement, wisdom and positivity around the world. We are leaving chalkings - messages written in chalk on pathways, sidewalks and parks - for our neighbors to see. 

If you've seen or created a chalking you'd like to share, please submit your picture here so it can be added to the gallery. 


You can write whatever you want, obviously. But the guidelines I'm using for myself are:

  • No overt religious language

  • Nothing political

  • Positive - for something, not against something

  • Avoid things that sound scolding, commanding or will otherwise trigger a negative reaction in those who are touchy about being told what to do

  • Phrases addressing a cause/need important to you


If you're not sure what to write - or would like to super-duper support me - I'm using a few phrases that are my own writing and should keyword back to me. They are:

  • The answers you have are only as good as the questions you've asked.

  • I wish I could show the beauty I see in you when love looks through me.


  • There is room in this universe for someone just like me.


You can do these anywhere. I'm putting them at parks, on walking/biking paths, near store entrances, the library, community center, near public transit stations, homeless encampments and affirming churches.

You matter

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