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Somewhere in the slums around Bangalore India there is a Hindu girl named Rebecca Trotter. Her mother gave her this name at the suggestion of Asha, a Christian minister who runs a ministry named Comfort India Trust with her husband Raju in honor of the support Rebecca had provided her community over the years. 

In addition to serving some of the poorest, most oppressed and marginalized humans on the planet and has a focus on building inter-religious connections in order to reduce sectarian tensions among the many religious groups living in India. 

Raju is currently ill and unable to work. If you would like to support his family as they carry on this important work, you can make a donation through Rebecca using Paypal. 

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You can learn more about Comfort India Trust at the website Rebecca built for them. While you're there, be sure to check out the blog under the "latest news" tab. You'll find stories about Asha and Raju's work with the "snake eaters", children in the slums and the odd miracle of serendipity. (C lick the image to go to the site.)

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