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Help feed Afghan families today!


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The people of Afghanistan are facing a humanitarian crisis. Poverty is almost universal and many major NGOs have been forced to stop operating inside the country.

We can help! Afghan refugees in Switzerland have organized to provide monthly provisions to families in need. Inside the country, they have an organized network of people on the ground, already doing the work, but with more financial support, they could help many more families. And that's where you and I come in.

A gift of any amount will go directly to Afghan people in need right now. A monthly gift will allow the Afghans who are doing this work to plan ahead to support their people through what looks to be an extended period of need.

There's not often much you or I can do as individuals in the face of the powerful forces that lead to wars, hunger, and poverty. But we do have the power to show up for each other. Help Afghans survive to build brighter days - make your donation today!

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