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There are things I don’t understand

I know that my perspective is different because I do homeschool and it’s for reasons far less pressing than protecting my kids from violence or sexual abuse or something like that.  So I suppose that having taken the step of removing my kids from the school system for relatively benign reasons it is hard for me to fathom why the parents keep sending their kids back to schools where there children are exposed to violence, educational malfeasance or damage done to children by the mind boggling lack of common sense sometimes demonstrated by schools.

Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about here are several stories which I have come across today:

A boy who has required repeated medical treatment due to ongoing bullying.

Children as young as four being labeled sexual predators.

Schools where violent assaults and robbery are daily events.

Students who spend 12 years in school without mastering 8th grade math.

Strip searching a 13 year old honors student to search for ibuprofen.

I could find more, but these are just the ones I happened across today.   I know that these sorts of things don’t happen everywhere, but when they do, why do parents continue to send their kids to the school?  I know people have jobs, but in some of these cases, you’re talking about things which go on for years – more than enough time to find a job on the swing shift or with flex time or whatever.  But to allow your child to be bullied for years and keep sending him or her back?  And if your kid’s not being taught reading and math at school – how much worse can you really do with them at home?  Or having your 4 year old labeled a sexual predator because he put his face in his teacher’s chest while getting a hug – and you trust these people with your child day after day and year after year?  I just don’t get it.

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