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The Upside Down World Is Here!!!!!

It is a collection of essays, poety, art work by my lovely sister Cindy, quotes, stories and more meant to help people find a better view of what Wisdom looks like and how it can work in our lives.  This isn’t just a vanity project for me.  It is my sincere hope that people will be inspired, comforted, challenged and entertained by the book.

And for those of you who have slogged through some of my long, complicated posts, rest assured that the book is easy to read and understand.  It is meant to be read, thumbed through and picked up and put down over and over.  It would make a great gift for a college student heading off to school (or anyone else you love!).

A word of warning for those with Kindles: due to formatting issues and such, the Kindle edition is a scaled-down version of the book.  It is missing the artwork, notes and the story “What to do when you wake up in hell”.

Please join me in spreading the word about the book.  I know that there is so much noise and so many voices out there competing for your attention.  However, this book isn’t quite like anything you have seen before and the voice comes from a lifetime of learning wisdom which is all-too lacking in our world today.  I hope you will purchase the book yourself and be blessed by it.

Pass It On!

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