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Riding the updraft

Shortly after I set out I spotted a bald eagle in the sky riding the updrafts.  When I saw him, I thought of how often I have heard people tell stories about having a bald eagle show up at some unsual time or in some unusual way that lead them to see it as a sign from God.  I thought to myself, “I would definitely need something more than just seeing a bald eagle show up to see it as a sign from God.  Especially now.” 

I continued on my walk, watching the eagle circle overhead when all of a sudden a female bald eagle came up from behind the tree line to join her mate overhead.  It caught me so off guard that I actually gasped in suprise when she appeared.   Last I saw them, they were riding the currents, circling around each other way up in the sky.  I think it was God telling me that yes, he did want me to wait and just take a walk with my youngest daughter who was sent to be my joy on a lovely fall morning.  And that even with every physical, worldly, human thing falling down around me, spiritually, my place is to be riding an updraft with the maker of creation. 

So, I’m not sure what’s happening or when I’ll get to a place in life where something – anything! – I do actually bears fruit in the physical world.  (I get depressing just thinking of everything I’ve tried and failed at.)  But I guess I’m supposed to be waiting.  So I’ll wait. 

Might as well have some music to wait by!  Enjoy!:

Pass It On!

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