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Republicans could do a lot worse

a touching story up over at Slate about John McCain. It was actually written back in 1997. It’s about John McCain’s relationship with liberal Democratic U.S. Congressman Mo Udall who was also from Arizona. Shortly after McCain was elected to the Senate, Udall reached out to McCain and helped him to get his footing in the Washington political scene.  In 1997 Congressman Udall lay dying in a hospital of Parkinson’s Disease.  Sen. McCain made a habit of visiting the man every few weeks until the very end – until long after everyone else stopped bothering to go and even after Congressman Udall was no longer conscious. The Republican party could do a hell of a lot worse than have this man representing them.

BTW if you are interested in these sorts of things, John McCain’s daughter and a couple of friends have a blog they are keeping on the campaign trail called McCain Blogette which is supposed to be pretty good.

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