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Random Thoughts

Some days I can handle more stupid, some days I can handle less stupid.

We need to learn to respect each other’s limitations.

My brain is very, very tired right now.

Some days my random thoughts are more interesting than others.

This should make up for it:

I saw a mamma fox with three kits tonight. A little later and a few miles away I saw what may well be the dad.

Did you know that foxes can be domesticated?

We shouldn’t domesticate animals we aren’t willing or able to take super good care of.

We should take super good care of the animals we domesticate.

I’m considering becoming a vegetarian.

Is the prevalence of mental illness related to not having enough time to sit and think?

Do animals sit and think? Or maybe just observe closely?

My 4 year old just learned how to open child proof caps. I’m so proud.

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