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On A Much Lighter Note, I Have Discovered the Real Reason People Voted for Trump

This was a friend in North Carolina’s view during her morning commute yesterday:


She says, “I have to hand it to him – he has practically not missed a single cliché on his rolling political/societal commentary billboard. The only thing I can think is an NRA sticker and a picture of an aborted fetus.

“I need tons of tile for some remodeling projects I have coming up. Thousands of dollars worth of tile. Guess where I won’t be buying it?  I always wonder about people who feel the need to plaster their car with such bold indicators of their political bent and worldview. It’s risky business. If that was his personal car I would say whatever. However, this is a business vehicle. Apparently he does not care who he offends, nor how much business it may cost him. I’m serious – I will not purchase my tile from this guy knowing that he sees the world this way. There’s plenty of other places to spend my money.”

And it hit me what happened. The only people who will do business with this guy are the people who agree with him. So he’s regularly being praised for being so outspoken which leads him to think this means that most people agree with him. He blames the fact that business is slow on Obama ruining the economy. As all his customers agree he has. Probably those damn illegals smuggling tile over the border and installing it on the cheap, they say. Obviously, the country needs Trump to fix the problem. ‘Merica!

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