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Not what you want to hear

came home to find a 3 minute recording of a battle their son was caught in on their answering machine.  Apparently their number was the last on their son had called and somehow in the middle of fighting, the redial button on his cell phone got hit.  So they came home and found a recording of gunfire, swearing and “more ammo” on their answering machine.

I suppose it’s a good thing they weren’t home when this happened.  How could you hang up on that, thinking your son might be about to die?  But if you were to yell into the phone and he heard you, he could get distracted which would be dangerous.  Thankfully no one in this young man’s unit was wounded or killed in the fighting.

I have a soft spot for our service men and women and the last line from the story demonstrates one of the reasons why:

When he [the soldier involved] was played back the message, he said was embarrassed by all the swearing. “He said, ‘Don’t let Grandma hear it’.”

Imagine that.  You’ve just been in battle and you’re still worried about Grandma hearing you swear.  Good man. HT: Reformed Chicks Blabbing

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