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Not So Red of Tooth and Claw

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve long wondered what it says about God that we live in a world of predator and prey. Sometimes it helps to be reminded that even in this world of predator and prey God’s more gentle, compassionate nature can be observed as well:

A brave baboon attempted to make a run for it. Unfortunately, a lioness caught it. As the baboon died, the photographers noticed a baby baboon slowly disengaging itself from its underside.

They held their breath as the innocent, frail baby stood before the lionesses.

One lioness gently and curiously examined the baboon. He was frightened and hurt.

She softly picked him up in her mouth and settled down over him, watching.

The little one even tried to nuzzle the lion, not knowing what she was.

You’ll need to go see the conclusion here. It gets even better.

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