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My terrible mom moment of the day

OMG.  I had an awful bad mom moment this morning.  I signed my 13 year old up for a two day camp where he will learn to canoe.  For whatever reason, I had it all set in my head that it was an overnight trip.  So we packed PJs and a sleeping bag and headed out this morning to drop the boy off.  On the way in the camp counselors asked why we had a sleeping bag!  Because it’s not an overnight event, you see.  I only imagined that it was and got my kid all geeked for it and then embarrassed us by showing up for a sleepover we hadn’t been invited to.  If I had been thinking, I would have lied my pants off and told them that Noah was going straight from camp to a friend’s to spend the night.  But I’m not so good at thinking on my feet like that.  And apparently not so good at reading the various descriptions and packing lists I received for the deal.  I am very, very embarrassed. 🙁  I guess I should be glad that the other kids didn’t see us walking in, so it’s only the counselors who think we complete morons.

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