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My Talented Readers: Jason Silver

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I spy on y’all. It’s true. If you comment or like things I write or interact with me a lot on facebook, I might go poking around the internet a bit to find out more about you. And then I report my findings to the NSA. OK, I’m totally lying about that last part. I don’t even know how to report things to the NSA.

Mostly, I’m just wondering who the heck is reading what I write. And while I know nothing about at least 98% of my readers, those of you whose names I do know, tend to be an eclectic, interesting and talented bunch. Which, obviously, is what one would expect from people who are discerning enough to appreciate a Christian writer who swears and makes the occasional poop joke.

At any rate, I think it’s well past time that I share some of these interesting people with y’all. Particularly those who are involved in creative pursuits who you might never hear of otherwise.

Today, I want to introduce you to one of the first readers I ever spied on. His name is Jason Silver. Jason writes and sings beautiful music, mainly worship songs. I asked Jason to share his favorite video and a bit about his work:

I grew up as an evangelical, went to Bible college, became a pastor, and worked in churches as a music director and worship leader for 15 years. But somewhere along that journey I felt God directing me to become an Anglican, and to use my gifts to help breathe life into the 150 year old church in my village. Every week I write a song for our contemporary worship, taking the lectionary readings from the Psalm and putting them to a melody. I like to share these songs with the church at large, so I’ve started making videos and uploading them to YouTube. I hope that my music can be a blessing to you!

You can find more of Jason’s work on his youtube channel. In addition to songs based on the Psalms, Jason has written a great deal of other inspirational music as well as a CD of beautiful love ballads which can also be found on his youtibe channel. Jason has a Facebook page you should go like so you can keep up with his work. And if you are in the market for Web Application Development work, check out his company Crooked Bush.

Check it out. Pass it around. And stop being so quiet, y’all!

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