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Making Feel Good Memories

What I can do is make “Feel-Good Memories“.  When I feel really good – I try to remember to make an emotional memory of that feeling.  I’ll take a few seconds to think about how good I feel.  Then I’ll make a note of the things that I’m happy about and tell myself, “I’m going to remember feeling this good.”  (Yes, I talk to myself a lot!  Most people do, but often they aren’t paying attention!)

Later, when I’m discouraged or struggling, I will bring those memories back up.  Sometimes I can feel a bit of that moment and it will cheer me up.  Sometimes all I can do is be amazed that I ever felt that good.  Either way, it’s ready-made encouragement when I need a bit of happiness to get me through.

So, make “Feel-Good Memories” for yourself.  And when you use them, resist the urge to be wistful for some time past when you were happier.  Be encouraged because if you were ever that happy before, you will be that happy again.

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