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I know this feeling

Of all the epitaphs we throw around “lazy” is probably the one we see as inexcusable.  Which is funny because we all have a tendency to be lazy.  We were made to need rest.  And sometimes what we call lazy is genuinely struggling to do something we’re not good at and find really unpleasant.  It’s a normal part of life.  And feeling bad about a normal part of life is generally pointless.

But we don’t want to give in to inertia either.  Why not make your default position to push yourself forward but keep a well functioning brake in place?  If we are realistic about the need for a break, you will feel less guilty when you decide to use it.  Sometimes when facing a daunting task simply giving yourself permission to take a break if the task gets to be too much makes it easier just to get started.  Overcoming inertia is easier when you know you have a brake in place.

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