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Keep Up With Sunday Sermons!

Sermons the way they’re meant to be – short, sweet and deep . . .

Every Sunday morning I post a Sunday Sermon for free over on my Patreon page. You can find all of them at the link below. And while you’re there, consider becoming a patron. For as little as $2/month, you will be notified when each week’s sermon goes live as well as gain access to exclusive materials and the banging parties I’ll be throwing over there once you’re all signed up!

The Upside down world sunday sermon series

And while I have your attention, have you checked out The Upside Down World’s Merchandise Shop? It’s got cool gifts for you and all your smart, funny and insightful friends!

The Upside down world merchandise shop

And finally – no hustle is complete without a bit of freelance work. You may not know this about me, but I’ve been doing design, website, branding and marketing work under the name Urban Earth Momma for well over a decade now. No really – it’s true! And I’m good at it. I even charge people for it now! So if you need to get your web presence tight and your growth plan on point, head on over to my freelance site and ask for a quote. Like right now – before you forget!

Urban Earth Momma – Ask for a quote!


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