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Hey all. If you're reading this, then odds are you've been following me on The Upside Down World for a while. Maybe you were here back in the days of bloggy-linky-goodness or perhaps you pitched in when we raised funds for naked grannies in India or injured children in Pakistan or maybe you tolerated my ranting about Cheeto Mussolini coming to power. Or maybe I've written something that was helpful and meaningful to you. Whatever the case, I'm coming to you today because I need help.

I've hinted a few times that I've been going through outrageous, scandalous difficulties that I haven't been ready to write about here. I'm still not quite ready to tell the whole story of the age-inappropriate adventures I've been having for the past couple of years - that's an excellent memoir I'll get to writing one day. But the short of it is that in August of 2020, I was working with an organization that served unhoused people on the streets of Portland. We were in the process of arranging for a visit by Senator Ron Wyden and other political, civic, and business leaders in the hopes of getting proper funding for the project. I was flying in the from the midwest for what was supposed to be a 2-week trip to help stabilize operations on the ground ahead of the event. Unfortunately, before I even made it to the airport I got a frantic phone call from my 21 year old telling me I needed to come back right away because Dad was saying that I would never be allowed back into the house again.

What she didn't realize was that there had been years of detailed death threats and increasing hostility against me from my ex. There had been an incident several months prior in which he'd had to be disarmed of a gun he chose specifically because it's almost impossible to use it to commit suicide. I had seen the look on my ex's face as I drove off and I knew I wasn't getting back into the house without a potentially dangerous confrontation in front of the kids. So I went on.

Shockingly, my ex's pronouncement has held. I never did make it back to my home or my kids. If you've dealt with domestic abuse and our legal system, you know why. If you haven't, well, it's all more broken than you can possibly imagine. I was left, quite literally, on the streets with nothing but a carry-on bag of luggage and a laptop. No family, no connections in my community, no income, no vehicle. And my ex told the kids I refused to come home because I was mentally unstable and had drug problems (the only drug I've ever even tried is medical marijuana, for the record).

If you'd like to take a tour of some of the low lights of the last year and a half, you can read through the updates on my GoFundMe here. I'd rather not go through them now. It's been worse than you can imagine. But now I finally have a chance for something to go right and a chance to actually recover, but I need your help. Like, I really need your help.

After almost 2 years of being homeless, I finally have housing. This is a small miracle in and of itself. A 3 bedroom home with reasonable rent is very hard to find in my children's school district. And because of my situation and lack of credit history, getting approved to move in probably took the movement of angels.

Unfortunately, it seems that all the demons of the great northern tundras of upper American midwest have been given free leave to come at me. The litany of challenges, obstacles, and, for lack of a better word, fuckshit that I've dealt with since moving in include medical emergencies, funding falling through, car problems, disruption of income, a dog requiring emergency care, corruption and more. I'm pushing forward, but I feel like I'm being crushed under the weight of a constant barrage of things going outrageously wrong. I need a lawyer. The funding for my housing is screwed up. I'm looking for work or clients or a meteorite to come and take us all out.

That I'm in housing is hopeful but I have to hang on to it. Housing was actually the sticking point that kept me from getting out of a dangerous situation before it exploded - my ex made the money and told me that if I wanted out, I'd have to do it on my own because he wasn't leaving the house and he wasn't going to help me get set up in any way - we didn't even have a working vehicle for me to use. My only option other than figuring out how to get some cash would be to spend months fighting in court to force him to bend while living in a domestic abuse shelter. Which I didn't want to subject the kids to and which he was going to use to claim the kids shouldn't be with me. When I refused to leave without the kids, he just waited until I physically left the house to get the arrangement he wanted.

Having my own place that is safe and comfortable is a repair of something that's been broken in my life for a very long time. After housing I need a lawyer. And a car. And my needs are bottomless, I'm afraid. Whatever help you can offer means so very much to me. Any money I am able to raise above and beyond the amount needed to cover move-in costs will to towards literally every single thing needed for a home, car repairs and helping to stabilize another single mom who I share my vehicle with (she has an etsy page - go buy things from her!).

If you are able to make a contribution to help, you can use the donation button below. All payments are secure and should count as gifts for tax purposes. You can also use the GoFundMe I linked to above, however, donations from there can take a week to get to me and time is running short so it works better for me to accept them via paypal using the button below.

Thank you so much for all your support and you'll be hearing from me soon! Be blessed - Rebecca

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