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I’m still here

Don’t worry, I didn’t disappear on y’all again. I’ve just been crazy busy with sick kids and kids needing chauffeuring and wanting to be fed and clothed and whatnot. But I’ll be getting some more stuff up in just a bit here. I have a story about the time my husband’s career was ruined by racism. And sharing some information in dissociative disorders and trauma induced mental health issues generally, probably broken into parts. And other stuff.

But in the meantime, I’d also just like to remind everyone that Trump was beaten by nearly 3 million in the popular vote by a woman who would have lost to a marmot in a landslide. So don’t let anyone sell you on the idea that this is Trump’s country now. It’s not. Although I have heard tell that it’s probably Russia’s country now. So . . .

See ya in a bit, peeps!

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