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Going to be light blogging for a bit

I just want to let folks know that blogging around here is a going to be especially light for a week or so.  A couple of weeks ago when my husband was still looking for work and things were looking really dire, I asked for help keeping my internet connection up.  However, with some help from Rod Dreher over at Crunchy Cons, people donated enough money that along with what we had, we were able to pay the rent on our home for the month (we had actually despaired of being able to pay it and were just planning on throwing ourselves on the mercy of the property management company we rent from).  This, of course, was a huge blessing for us.  However, it meant that we paid the rent but not the cable internet bill.  So, our internet connection is off for the moment and I’m not going to be able to get back here to blog much until the end of the week when, God willing, we’ll be able to get it back up.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us out.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

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