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God as Man

I think that when God became embodied, he would have had to go through a sort of forgetting process in order to experience life fully as a man. People who deal in mystical things commonly teach that we each contain all knowledge within us, but we need to remember. We’ve forgotten. So it makes sense that Jesus would have been born having forgotten everything he knew as God.

Jesus would have sought unity with God, just like other mystics, only to discover that he was God and had been sent to be Messiah. What I find fascinating about this idea is what sort of proof or verification Jesus would have needed in order to accept this. The world was filled with false Messiahs at the time. To step out and claim that role would take a lot of nerve on the part of a non-crazy, non-deceptive, non-power-seeking human, don’t you think?

I suppose being able to perform miracles helped. And the fact that his birth story was rather woo-woo. But it’s pretty easy to see why his family thought he was crazy and tried to come and drag him home.

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