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Getting back to Hell Week

Well, I kind of forgot that the bill for our internet was coming due and wound up pretty much entirely off-line for the last week. But I’m back online now, so I’ll be getting the next essay in our Hell Week series up within the next 24 hours. And if that doesn’t fry my brain to badly, I’ll even get a Bloggy Linky Goodness up tomorrow. Oh joy of joys! If you have a post you’d like considered for inclusion, please email it to now.

I wanted to add a quick note about these posts: the things I am writing are the conclusions I have reached based on extensive research. Which is not to say that my conclusions are new or unique – far from it! In coming to my conclusions, I have relied heavily on the work of others who have documented in great detail the basis for the claims of Biblical Universalism. Because of time constraints and the nature of blogging, I simply cannot provide full or even adequate supporting details for everything I have said. However, in each post I have provided links to books and essays which do contain a large quantity of documentation for the claims which I am making. If you have read anything in these essays which you find doubtful or even incorrect in substance, I would strongly encourage you to make use of the links I have provided in order to view a good sample of the actual information I have used to make my claims. In addition to the links I have provided (which admittedly are not the most readable books and essays in existence), I would highly recommend taking a look at the work of Thomas Talbot (website), Gregory MacDonald  (website) and Robin Parry (website). (There are others, but these three and particularly modern and accessible.) You can also check out the Evangelical Universalist Forum if you are looking for people to discuss the details of biblical universalism.

If you missed any of the previous Hell Week posts or want to enjoy their wonderfulness all over again, here they are:

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Pass It On!

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