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Funny Thing About Job

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter3)  I’ve had several comments saying, “I love the Book of Job too.”  Here’s the funny thing though: I don’t really like the Book of Job.  Never have.  The repetative poetry used in the book makes it rather tedious for me to read.  Plus, the idea that God would just play games with a man like that is odious to me.  And responding to his protestations with a long “who do you think you are?” speech isn’t the most endearing portrait of God around.  So, while I have read the book a couple of times, it has always been near the bottom of my list of favorite books in the bible.  I actually got more from Leviticus or even Numbers than the Book of Job.

However, I happened to come across a couple of things recently which made me take a second look.  Which I really needed to do anyways.  My experience with studying scripture is that those things which make the least sense or seem the most wrong are often markers for where our understanding gives out.  If we approach them in prayer, the Spirit will reveal things we just didn’t know were there.  That’s what has prompted my study of Job, actually.  Who knows?  Maybe when I’m done I’ll actually be able to say, “I love the Book of Job too!”  Stranger things have happened. 😉

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