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Electric Bills and Other Embarrassing Problems

I really hate doing this, but my husband always says, “you have not because you ask not”. Which he claims is some religious saying or something. 😉 But I just wanted to throw out there that this is the week in the northern part of the country when the gas and electric companies can start turning off service for those who have overdue bills. Which would be us.

(I’ll spare you all the poor person’s litany/self-absolution of explaining how this came to be this time. The answer is because this is my life. I am a woman who once got 5 flat tires in a month. On one car. Or I could tell you about the time a clerical error put a felony child abuse charge on my husband’s record and his business tanked before we figured out why every new contract he lined up suddenly fell through. Or a dozen other equally ridiculous stories. It is what it is.)

So anyways, if you have ever thought about throwing a $5 spot or whatever my way, now would be a great time to go ahead and pull the trigger. Being able to pay off at least half our overdue bills would help us sleep much better at night. So, if you enjoy The Upside Down World and want to support me because you know how hard it would be for me to continue blogging without any electricity, you can make a donation via paypal by using the link below:


Please and thank you and please forgive me for doing this all wrong! O_o

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