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Don’t get upset over things you can’t control!

I’m learning not to feel bad about all the things I can’t make perfect, but trying to be neurotically responsible did teach me something important: don’t get upset over things you can’t change.  You see, I spent so much time trying to figure out how to fix everything that was wrong, when I came across something I couldn’t do anything to change, it was a relief!  “Yay – something I don’t have to worry about!”  These things were not my enemy – they were friends, making my neurotic life easier.

Hopefully, you are not nearly as neurotic as me, but this lesson is true for you as well.  Reality is, no matter how hard you try, life will give you a lot of opportunities to be unhappy.  If you take all or even most of them, you will spend an unacceptable amount of time being unhappy.  If you can’t change something, then it will continue to be what it is whether you are happy or unhappy about it.  So when life hands you opportunities to be unhappy, try not to take the bait unless you can do something to change it.

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