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Depressed DJ For Hire

I think I did better than a cat

Ok, so don’t ask me how, but some how the only job I have been able to find is working as a wedding dj.  I know, right?  The irony.  It’s actually a cool job – great people watching.  And it’s like the opposite of being a cop: you are seeing people on the best day of their life. 

The problem is that it’s not a job that leaves a lot of room for error.  This is a one-time deal (theoretically) and you have one shot to get it right.  Unfortunately, I blew that shot last night.  I DJ’ed a beautiful, very high end wedding last night (New Year’s Eve) and just screwed up from start to finish.  I won’t go into all of the gory details, but it started with forgetting my cell phone and gas money and ended with me somehow unplugging the entire sound system during the middle of a song.  And that wasn’t even the worst of it.  I mean, I didn’t ruin the evening – people had a lot of fun and several people came over to thank me.  But whenever their wedding reception comes up, they will say, “God, that dj was awful!”  Shockingly, I did not receive a tip. 

I feel like I should send the couple a note apologizing for all of the glitches.  But what am I supposed to say?  “I’m sorry I screwed up your reception – my depression’s acting up and I’m not quite myself”? 

Oh well.  What’s done is done.  I need to let it go.  I was mildly injured. (I hit my head on a huge screen hanging behind my work area while setting up.  I have a huge goose egg on my forehead.  It was bleeding when the bride and groom arrived.  I’m telling you – I was the highlight of their wedding.)  But other than that no one got hurt.  In between my mishaps, people had a lot of fun.  Did I mention that Kristy Yamaguchi and her ex-NHL player husband were there?  Nothing like screwing up in front of a room full of nobodies, right?

I was thinking earlier that this year was probably going to be a year of letting go.  So, I guess it’s convenient that I can get started right away: letting go of the fact that I was an awful DJ at a really nice wedding and will probably never get another gig again.  Just let it go . . . let it go . . . let it go . . .

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