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Consistently Inconsistent

Do you know what my husband is? He’s a systems expert. He regularly creates systems at work that have fewer than 1 error per million actions. When he showed me the “right” way to do laundry, I was astounded at the 30 step process he used for getting clothes clean, soft and fragrant to his standards. (You think I’m kidding. Fluffing the clothes is an actual step in the process.) I told him that he had surely descended from a long line of highly skilled house negroes. (Getting to say such things out loud to a black man is my reward for sleeping with him and having his children. For any other white people who are wondering what they have to do to get away with saying potentially racist things without getting in trouble.)

Do you know who my husband is married to? Me. A woman who knows that the salt is always in one of three places in the kitchen. Unless it isn’t or the baby got a hold of it and then who knows where it is. As my husband has sometimes pointed out, I have a failure rate of about 65% when it comes to getting the main floor properly cleaned on a daily basis. I keep telling him that means I’m batting over 300 which is a totally amazing. I have many other fine qualities, but alas, I am no systems expert.

Which is all to say, sorry about the inconsistent posting the last few days. I have a lot of plans for the blog that I’m excited about, but my system’s not working quite right so I start to burn out after  a while. But I’m getting there. Bear with me.

In the meantime, if you have a working laptop and a decent internet connection you can send me, that would help. 😉

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