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Check Out The Desert Sanctuary

I may or may not have shared my plans for world domination with all of you yet, but it’s going to entail me running my mouth even more. Starting with podcasts. Like this one I recorded last night with Karl Forehand for his podcast The Desert Sanctuary. (You can also find The Desert Sanctuary on Spotify.)

Listen to Rebecca on the Desert sanctuary podcast

Karl is a former pastor who blogs on Patheos’ Progressive Christianity page. He has been going through a deconstruction process that’s led him to focus on God as I Am and all that flows from that. He has a conference coming up next month that sounds good for any of you who enjoy that kind of learning and communing but don’t want to vomit over the theology.

Anyhow – take a listen. We didn’t have much prep time so we ended up talking entirely too much about me and what I think, Including my thoughts on practicing traditional Christianity in a post-Constantinian world, mysticism, and my ongoing plans to take over the world using my big mouth


If you’d like to explore some of the ideas we discussed in the podcast more deeply, I’d suggest taking a look at these:

In The End Times No One Listens To Their Pastor

In The End Times Everyone Tells Their Story

Why Do Christians Suck At Loving?

Of Strange Gardens and People Living Underground

Retreating to the Desert

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