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Bring the Smelling Salts and Set Your Alarm Clocks!

Up For Debate with Julie Roys on Moody Radio. And I think she might be slightly incompetent. I mean, I’m no expert in these things and I certainly can’t predict the future, but it seems likely that come Monday morning she’s going to be having a serious conversation with someone higher up about whether she has the judgment required to perform her duties. Why do I say this, you ask? Because the poor dear went and asked yours truly to be part of an hour long discussion on the church, race and Ferguson. And I, having a big mouth, lots of opinions and no qualms about taking advantage of dear Judy’s foolishness, said yes.

So, if you’d like to hear me engage in my usual tomfoolery (hopefully without the typos, grammar glitches and random gibberish that I like to sprinkle in my writing), tune in. It’s on Moody Radio from 8-9 am, central time, tomorrow morning. Program info and station information can be found here. And if you really love me, call in and gush about how amazing I am and how every good Christian should listen to everything I say. Depending on how it goes, I might need the help!

In all seriousness, say a prayer for me. I do think this is an important topic and the issue of race is something I’m passionate about. I think that white Americans are deep (and sometimes willfully) in denial when it comes to race. But while it’s super easy to simply condemn white Americans for being so clueless, the truth is that confronting the lies, manipulation and shame that are the heart and soul of America’s race problem is a hard, painful process. The church has really fallen down on the job by failing to engaging in the biblical and moral practices of repentance, confrontation of sin and even (gasp) spiritual battle on the issue of race. I think the time is ripe for change and hopefully, there will be people listening whose hearts and eyes will be opened.

Oh, and the rapper Thi’sl aka Travis Tyler will be a guest on the show as well. And I don’t know if y’all know this, but he’s kind of a big deal. (If you’re out of the loop, ask your kids. Or your black friend. They probably know him.)

I know it’s going to be hard to concentrate on anything while you are anxiously anticipating the dulcet sounds of my voice. Maybe a nap would help. Spend some time praying for dear Judy and her precarious job situation. And go read this excellent interview with Travis Tyler – aka Thi’sl – calling for the church to lead a peaceful response to the events in Ferguson.

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