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Being right is not the most important thing

We humans have a strange obsession with being right.  Not only do we tend to think we’re always right and be very resistant to thinking otherwise, we even think that being right should change the way our lives work.  If we are right, everyone should get in line with us and life should go well for us.  Of course, it rarely works that way.  So we get all bent out of shape.  But when relationships are being destroyed and hearts are being broken, being right means nothing.  Holding onto it is choosing the petty over the important.

Think of an ongoing disagreement or conflict you have with someone in your life – big or small (starting small is usually easier).  Decide to let go of trying to convince the other person that you are right – no matter how right you are!  Instead, decide to focus on convincing them that you love and cherish them and see what happens.

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