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Are You Sure You Want To Be a Disciple?

Today’s exegesis is on Mark 9 and comes from J. R, Daniel Kirk:

Jesus had to show them. The kingdom of God is not like they think it is. “Being first,” says Jesus, “entails being last, and servant of all.” Jesus then takes a child: the low person on the ancient totem pole of social hierarchy. His words are stunning: “Whoever welcomes one of these children in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me isn’t welcoming me but God, who sent me.” . . . The story continues. John hopes to clarify that the disciples as a group provide the boundary markers, protecting the name of Jesus, and the kingdom it brings. “Teacher!” says John. (BTW: in Mark, if you want to find someone who doesn’t know what’s going on, look for the person who calls Jesus “teacher.”) “We saw someone casting out demons in your name, but we forbid him because he doesn’t follow us.” To be a disciple is to think that our group circumscribes the sphere where God’s blessings are known. Clearly if you’re not with us, you cannot truly be a follower of Jesus. Right? Wrong. Jesus says, “Don’t stop him! … Whoever isn’t against us is for us.” . . . In the wake of these two rebukes, the third story is all the more shocking. It’s only 20 verses later. In Mark 10. The people are bringing children to Jesus for him to bless them (Mark 10:13-16). The children. The ones about whom Jesus has said, “If you receive one of these, you receive me, which isn’t receiving me, but the One who sent me.” The disciples, the ones who were just rebuked for thinking that they form the wall of partition between Jesus and the world, they hindered the children. The disciples missed their chance. In striving to protect Jesus, they refused to embrace the children. They missed Jesus


The rest of the piece is found here. It’s a response to the World Vision controversy last week. Which if you know nothing about, consider yourself lucky.

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