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Apparently My Week Has 8 Days In It

I started to do these “Best of the Week” posts a few weeks ago and it seems that my week is consistently 8 days long.  Which I have no doubt that people who have to deal with me would agree is pretty much how I work!  But hey – it’s my blog and it’s free!  (Although you can make a donati0n to support the site using that tip jar over there.)

So, here’s what I’ve found interesting in the past week:

Seriously – why is any man in the USA so powerful that he can assign people to hunt down every word said about him and have them go after a high school senior with 65 followers for cracking wise about him on twitter? This is what power being abused looks like. Good for this smart-alecky teen for not giving in!

Here’s my politics for the week:

I love neuroscience.  And it’s absolutely fascinating what scientists are starting to parse out from DNA in regards to questions like what makes us human and how our biology influences our thinking and behavior.  Here are two interesting articles on the subject:

Neanderthal Neuroscience and Neuroscience and Free Will

I enjoyed this blog post on God or the Bible at Overweights of Joy:

“Eternal life is to know God and Jesus Christ personally” (John 17:3). We have perhaps defined eternal life as living eternally in heaven. But that was not how Jesus defined it. Eternal life has nothing to do with going to heaven or escaping hell. It has to do with knowing the Lord. To know God intimately and personally has been the passion of my life and the burden of my heart. And: If Bible knowledge could produce holiness, we should be having the godliest people in history living today. But we don’t. Satan himself would have been holy if Bible knowledge could produce holiness – for no one knows the Bible as well as he does.

Back into the realm of the scientific: But I Raised Them Right! – What Your Child’s DNA Can Tell You About Parenting.  I am 100% certain that  my two boys have the genetic variant that is associated with not being able to learn from one’s mistakes and negative experiences.

And on that note, let me just share my parenting thought for the week.  When a family has children with a wide range of ages, it is often observed that parents seem to become less active and more lax than one might expect with the last child.  This is usually attributed to the parents being tired and worn out.  I am here to report that this is not, generally, the problem.  What happens is that by the time you get to your last child, the limits of your ability to shape another human being – even your own child – have become amply clear.

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