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Anxiety -> Prayer -> Peace

Life is stressful.  Remembering to pray is hard.  So, some years ago, I read this verse and decided to kill 2 birds with one stone.  From that point on, I decided, being anxious or worried would be the universe’s cue for me to check in with the divine (you know – pray).

Sometimes the prayer was just a “hey – this sucks!” shout out.  Sometimes it was an actual request.  And sometimes when the need was big and there was some time, it could be a full pouring out of my heart.  Whatever it took to give me the boost I needed to press through whatever was upsetting me.

So, if you ever worry and if you ever mean to pray more, let the universe remind you to pray.  And when things are hard, you can add “pray without ceasing” to your spiritual resume as well!

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