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Angels in my Bedroom?

After a couple of minutes, Olivia looked up at the corner above the bed and began pointing towards the ceiling.  She does this fairly often.  I always say, “do you see an angel?” although I never see anything in the corner she’s pointing to.   I have no paranormal abilities or experiences, but over the years I have met many people who claim that they have.  Auras, angels, premonitions, dreams, boogiemen.  As a rule I try not to discount other people’s explanations of their own experiences.  And some of these people I know to be otherwise very sane and trust worthy.  So, I tend to take a “who knows?” attitude towards the whole thing. 

At any rate, many people believe that children can see angels.  Supposedly they like to hang out in corners near the ceiling.  So, Olivia’s behavior is exactly the kind of thing which people point to as evidence that kids can see angels.  A couple of my other kids have done the same thing.  My 12 year old still finds it very strange that I have never had any sort of paranormal experience. 

But today, as I was laying there being a big ole cry baby, Olivia didn’t just do her usual pointing, she began repeating something unintelligible.  She kept pointing, looking at me and then back at the corner, clearly showing me something.  We had been laying on the bed and she got up on her knees and continued staring at the corner and repeating whatever it was she thought she was saying and pointing.  She was quite excited.  And then she just stopped and looked with a big smile on her face.  After a few seconds, she lay back down next to me, hugged me and settled down.  Show over. 

I have no idea what got her going like that.  I wish she could tell me.  I didn’t see anything at all.  But I was done with my crying and ready to get back up.  If there’s some big, exciting perhaps angelic display going on in the corner of my bedroom, things can’t be all that bad, right?

What about you?  Do you have any experiences seeing things that other people don’t?  Have your kids done things that made you wonder what they were seeing that you could not?  I would love to hear about it.

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