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Am I turning into a liberal?

I mean, my last post was about “Global Citizenship”. In the last week or two, I have written about race repeatedly (and not in typical conservative terms), issues which touch on global and social justice in government and in the church, and now about global citizenship! Liberal issues, every one. What gives?

I have come to the conclusion that because by their nature, conservatives tend to resist change, they are probably particularly bad at seeing ways that the world could (or should) be different than what it is now. Liberals, on the other hand, frequently seem to have a hard time appreciating what is good about they way things are or why we would like to hold on to anything traditional. So they are probably better at seeing ways that the world actually needs to change.

The problem, from my point of view, is that although liberals do seem to do a better job at grasping issues which need to be addressed (think health care, the environment, race, gender, the use of power, etc.), they often seem to be utterly incapable of coming up with reasonable, much less practical solutions. What has been motivating me in my thinking lately is a desire to try and apply what I see as more practical, reasonable, workable conservative thinking to the problems which liberals seem to be so much better at identifying.

So basically, I have devoted myself to being ignored. Of course, as a mom and a wife, I’m used to it! Kidding, kidding.

(And for my liberal friends, the picture is a joke, not what I really think of y’all. 🙂 )

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