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A Word About the Pakistani Church and God’s Terrible Advice

I got serious about writing this blog about 4 years ago. And as shocking as it sounds, it was not the instant success one would imagine. Incredible, but true. So I went to God and asked in my best plaintive wail, “what should I dooooooo?” And I kid you not, every time, I got the same response: “let them come to you.” And I would be all like, “but that’s really terrible advice, God! Why are you always giving me such terrible advice?” But, seeing as there’s just only so much a person can do to control the universe, I went with it. I would do my thing and people would come.

Well, the darndest thing started happening. Occasionally, seemingly random people would show up and announce, “I feel like I need to reach out to you.” And then I was all like, “well, I guess I’ve been expecting you. Howdy!” Cuz there’s a reason why I follow God’s advice, even when it’s really bad.

Well, a couple of months ago, a Christian man from Pakistan showed up and started pestering me. My curiosity was piqued by his persistence and lack of come-ons, so I was like, “what the hell do you want?” (I’m sure I was much more polite than that in real life, of course.) And he was like, “I dunno. I just feel like I need to talk to you.” And I was like, “well, howdy. I guess I’ve been expecting you.”

So the next morning I was meditating on Romans 12:2:

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

because . . . Well, I don’t know why. It’s just one of those things I do. I had just said to my husband that I suspect that the verse refers to the fact that Christianity is basically a reprogramming system for the human mind. Because not only do I do weird things like meditate on random bible verses just cuz, I think weird things about them.

So I get up from my weird pondering to check my facebook account and there’s a message from my Pakistani guy sharing his testimony of coming to faith. He tells me that seeing the words of Romans 12:2 written on a church wall started him on his journey to Christ. Because, again, there’s a reason I follow God’s really terrible advice.

Anyways, the reason I’m sharing all of this with you is so you will all know how cool I am. I’m not sure how well that’s going, but fortunately for us all, there’s also another, more serious reason I am sharing all of this. As some of you may know, On October 27th, Pakistan was hit by a powerful 7.5 earthquake. Nearly 400 people died and thousands of homes were destroyed.

My Pakistani friend happens to be in a position where he can advocate for Christians and coordinate assistance for those who are in trouble. Fewer than 2% of the population of Pakistan is Christian and the persecution Christians face there can be intense. (Along with the kidnappings, murder, bombing, open discrimination and the like, I hear that the coffee shops there don’t even switch to using red paper cups during the holiday season.) So he tends to be in the thick of things.

After the recent earthquake, my friend learned of two Christian families near Faisalabad whose homes were destroyed by the earthquakes. Six family members needed medical care, but the local government hospital initially refused to treat them because of their faith. They were eventually treated, but one of the victims, an 8 year old girl I’ll call K needs surgery on her shoulder to prevent permanent disability.

Her family, who just lost their house and several of whom have their own injuries, doesn’t have money for the surgery. So, my friend has been asking everyone to pray for her. And within a few days, a member of his church came forward with $900 out of the $1500 needed for her surgery. He explained that he had just sold his house and was in the process of purchasing a new one. After hearing about K during a prayer meeting, he felt lead to purchase a cheaper house so that he could contribute to her surgery.

And this is the real reason I’m telling all of you this. K’s family is still short $600 for her surgery. They decided to take it on faith that God would provide for their little girl and used the $900 to get her checked into the hospital and scheduled for surgery. But the surgery won’t go forward until the remainder of the bill is paid.

My friend has shared all of this with me in real time and he never asks for anything more than prayer. But this little girl still needs $600 soon or she will spend the rest of her life unable to function normally in a society that can be really rough for a Christian woman to navigate to begin with. I don’t have $600, but I do have this here blog. And clearly, God lead this man to me. Maybe he’s even lead you to me as well. So, even though my friend’s never asked, I’m going to ask. Would you consider helping this little girl get her surgery?

I know that the unmet needs of the world are a bottomless pit, but here’s one little girl who needs our help. We may as well start with her. If you feel lead to help pay for K’s surgery, you can do it one of two ways. You can make a donation to me via Paypal using the button below. I will forward whatever I am able to collect to the hospital where the girl is being treated over the weekend. Or if you would prefer not to pass the money through an extra set of hands, you can email me at and I will contact you with the information you need to arrange a bank transfer to the hospital. If you are unable or not called to help with K’s surgery, please keep her and her family in prayer and consider sharing this post with others. So, say a prayer, ask God what he would have you do, and then do it. Even if he gives you terrible advice.

Make a donation to K's Surgery!

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