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The problem, frankly, is that a lot of us like to make up our own definition of love according to what works for us.  If humans had written 1 Corinthians 13 it would probably read something like:

Love is a feeling.  Love is easy.  Love rewards us.  Love makes sure that other people’s sins are confronted so they can be corrected.  Love is making sure the ones we love stay on track.  Love is always knowing the right thing to do and always having something helpful to say.  Love is whatever I deem it to be.

All of us like to think that we are loving, even when those on the receiving end of our “love” feel anything but loved.  Unfortunately, God’s definition of love has become so ubiquitous that we rarely stop to take it very seriously.  But if we really want to do this very important work of loving, we’d probably do well to run our actions and words through God’s checklist rather than our own:


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