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This is what God would want those who claim his name to hear today. Like really today. Right here in the reality that is whatever day it is right now when you’re reading this. Don’t worry, I’m not claiming to have some “prophetic word” for y’all. Although maybe more people would pay attention if I did. And send me some seed money! Yeah. . .

Allow I to start over . . .

So, I have this prophetic word that God asked me to pass along to y’all. (Click here to make your donation today.) Now, this here is a powerful message I’ve been entrusted with.  I’m just repeating things God has told me will be heard and understood by those who put trust in his word and know the one who is the way the truth and the life. (OK, what really happened was I read the bible. You know, like all the stuff in between the 50 verses you can use to win an argument. And this is what I got from it. And obviously I think you should agree with me.)

Before I move on to the body of this here prophetic word, may I take a moment to remind you that while God allows you to enjoy the food from his table freely, it’s always a good idea to do what you can to help him offset the costs associated with an operation like this. (Yes, I know that makes no sense. The less sense you make when asking for money in God’s name, the more money people will send you. And I need a car.)

Click here to make your donation today. I’m not sure how it will work on your taxes, so I won’t come right out and say that it’s tax deductible, but I’m pretty sure any decent tax guy can find a way to make it work.

Now, on to this here prophetic word. (Which sounds best when being read by the intense, commanding voice in your head, btw.) :

God is God. God needs nothing from us. He takes no satisfaction in seeing people willing to make any sacrifice imaginable to protect their understanding of the Christian faith but are unmoved by the site of despair all around them. He’s not interested in hearing our explanations for why our way really is loving, no matter how much our neighbors say that it hurts. What kind of father is happy that his kid swept the floor while he’s listening to his other son being beat with the broom? What kind of Father do you think we serve? One who doesn’t give a crap about one of his children just so long as his orders are followed? One who elevates service to him above any other concern? If that’s what you think, either you are under the mistaken impression that God is far less good than you are or I feel sorry for your kids. It’s like that “anything you can do, God can do better” ditty that I just bastardized to make my point. Whenever we think love looks like, it’s not good enough. That you would waste time defending your understanding of love in the face of suffering is hardly impressive to God. God knows better ways to love than anything we have ever come close to. Might as well take it a step further than you think you should go. Better to be the sheep that the Shepard has to go rescue than the goat that stayed with the herd. God has proclaimed us innocent and is not impressed by our devotion to keeping his laws. Jesus already fulfilled the law. How does it honor him to refuse to believe that when he said, “it is finished”, he meant it? And that he was right. So what if we see only disasters everywhere. Isn’t that what faith is? Trusting in what we do not see? And yes, we’re going to make mistakes. That just means lots of opportunities to learn. Or to look like assholes as we refuse to admit when there is a problem. Your choice. God finds nothing to commend about people who would watch as a child of his is driven to despair and destruction, and decide that for perfectly good (in their eyes) reasons, God himself would do no more than join in shaking his head sadly in regret. As if Jesus didn’t save us by the path of the cross, but sat safely in heaven shouting out instructions and good advice. What right do we have to tell the Father that a human being doesn’t rightfully belong to Him and so, must not be accepted as they are? As if our own acceptance into the family of God was dependent on anything we have done or any prayers we have said. Today is the day to decide if you are going to realize that you have something to learn before the party begins. There might be a dance step or two you can use to impress everyone with. Or you can carry on like you always have; tending to the graveyards and shouting to the outer darkness to stay back. But one day, it will dawn on you what a damn fool you’ve been, thinking that God is less good than he is. Believing that he needs your help in keeping back the dark. It only takes baby steps to walk the narrow path. You stay on it by following love at every turn. Whatever you think love is, it’s not good enough. Want to know what good enough is? Listen to the people you have reason to judge and wait until you understand their despair for yourself. God is close to the broken hearted. Learn to recognize a broken heart and learn to see how God is at work in them. Even when you think they are wrong. Keep listening. When your heart has been properly broken, you will know how to love your neighbor as yourself. You didn’t think Jesus was kidding about the cost of following him, did you?

Many blessings to you all. And don’t forget to get your own copy of my book The Upside Down World ~ A Book of Wisdom in Progress today!

So what d’yall think? Do I have what it takes to make it in the ministry? 😛

Pass It On!

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